If you ever experience a problem with your site and are unable to take care of it yourself, ask the respective web hosting provider’s customer care staff to assist you to bring the site back online. A swift solution would be the best-case scenario, but many companies respond within 24 hours or even more, all the more so if you’re doing business with a reseller. Even if your problem can be quickly fixed, your site may not function properly or may not be reachable at all for a lengthy time interval, so you may lose potential clients because it is highly unlikely that anybody would enthusiastically return to a site that is broken. Hence, you should make certain not only that you can get in touch with your web hosting provider, but also that they can respond and assist you in a timely manner. If an application update does not go smoothly or you delete something accidentally, for instance, the website must be fixed swiftly so as to prevent extended inaccessibility.