Memcached is a commonly used distributed memory caching system, which can increase the loading speed and the performance of your sites significantly in case they use an API or a database. This is achieved by caching the calls to the API/database and the replies that are returned, so if somebody conducts a search for a given product on your website, for instance, the database won’t have to be accessed to display the results and the whole task will be carried out noticeably faster. That goes for all sorts of database-driven apps and not only for e-commerce portals, since every time a given page is opened, the app sends a database query to fetch the data that should be shown. With Memcached, not only will your website open considerably faster, but it will also create much less server load. If any content in the database is edited, the cached responses will also be ‘refreshed’, so the site visitors will not see any old info.