Data corruption is the accidental change of a file or the loss of info that often occurs during reading or writing. The reason can be hardware or software malfunction, and consequently, a file can become partially or completely corrupted, so it will no longer function properly because its bits shall be scrambled or missing. An image file, for instance, will no longer show a real image, but a random mix of colors, an archive will be impossible to unpack because its content will be unreadable, and so on. In the event that this kind of an issue appears and it isn't found by the system or by an admin, the data will get corrupted silently and if this happens on a drive that's part of a RAID array where the information is synced between different drives, the corrupted file shall be replicated on all of the other drives and the damage will be permanent. Numerous widely used file systems either don't feature real-time checks or do not have high quality ones that can detect an issue before the damage is done, so silent data corruption is a very common issue on hosting servers where large amounts of info are kept.