The availability of the customer and tech support that a website hosting company provides will tell you a lot about the services which they provide too. In case you are allowed to use only e-mails and tickets, you have almost certainly discovered some reseller not the hosting supplier. When this is the case, you'll probably have to wait for a few days in order to have a problem resolved as your reseller may not be checking their communication on a regular basis or they may need to get in touch with the true web hosting company for additional assistance. If the supplier offers various means of communication with short response time which are available anytime, they're almost certainly the top provider, not only a reseller. Which means that you will benefit from well-timed assistance and high quality support as they will have immediate access to the servers where your account is. No matter what the issue - technical or sales, it's generally better to be able to contact your web hosting company directly through your preferred method of communication.